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We seek solutions to the concerns and needs of the founder and family

Professionalisation of Family Businesses

We have experienced the environment of family businesses, both small and multinational, through our work as directors and consultants.

We know their circumstances very well, and this allows us to be involved in their transformation needs, especially when they are facing rapid growth; being fully aware of the sensitivity of the shareholder or family and their directors.

We know how to deal with these changes and align strategies and means.

  • The rapid growth of a business and the change in scale of operations require:
  • > A new vision for the future of the Company for the founder
  • > New talent able to execute and ensure growth
  • > A new strategic framework that links the Company with its stakeholders (suppliers, customers, employees, etc.)

Planning for the entry of partners and/or IPOs

The process of professionalisation of family businesses represents, together with the entry of new shareholders and/or the preparation of a future IPO, one of the most important processes in their life cycle.

We can seek solutions to the concerns and needs of the founder and family, helping to ensure that these processes are carried out thoroughly and that they guarantee success. We have participated during our professional career in the planning and execution of these types of operations, in large- and medium-sized public or family companies.

We must distinguish two distinct processes during the course of time for a capital transaction: planning (a medium-term strategic period in which the organisation is prepared) and execution (in which actors who work in exchange for a commission are involved).

Our independence allows us to help the entrepreneur to plan and also to accompany them in the execution of any of these operations. We can and do give great added value in this period of special sensitivity for the founder or family. Confidentiality, sensitivity, technical knowledge and independence are based on our direct and personal experience in these important moments.

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